Please complete your abstract, of not more than 700 words,

  • Applicants name,
  • Address and daytime contact number,
  • Name of your employing organisation
  • A brief outline of your proposed project, including a business plan/gant chart, the feasibility in terms of the clinical, operational and financial perspectives.
  • Your Rationale for the project and how this contributes to developing clinical practice or furthering wound care knowledge.
  • What will be the impact on patients, local services and healthcare professionals (i.e. how many patients/professionals may be affected?)
  • How are patients involved?
  • Can the project be measured? In relation to aims and outcomes.
  • Can the project be replicated locally, nationally or internationally?
  • Is the project a recognised service/organisational need?
  • Has support from your manager/service lead been attained? Is the TVN involved or in agreement to the proposal? Please give details of name and contact phone
  • Subjects must be wound care related and contribute to developing clinical practice or wound care knowledge

Please note individual education courses/services or tools/equipment is not eligible for funding

Additional supporting evidence may be attached to your application if you feel this will aid a decision. You may be contacted for additional information to support your application, however incomplete applications may be discounted. You may contact the board for advice if needed.

All applications will be anonymised, as able, prior to submission to the Board for consideration.

Once completed please send by post or email to

June Clark,
Urgo Ltd.
Sullington Road,
LE12 9JG

CLOSING DATE 31st July 2011

Winners will presented their award at the Wounds UK exhibition in Harrogate,
14th - 16th November 2011 where they will be invited to attend as a guest of Urgo Ltd

Please note, successful applicants will be expected to share their work through publication and conference presentation. Support will be available for this.

Thank you for your interest in the Foundation Urgo Clinical Prize.